CoR Snapshots: A short films collection


As a film project, Cultures of Resistance goes beyond the 90-minute feature documentary format. When director Iara Lee embarked on her study of arts and resistance, she didn't want to confine herself to the traditional boundaries of standard films. Instead, she envisioned Cultures of Resistance as an ongoing initiative. The CoR website, which profiles the work of artists and activists throughout the world and presents opportunities for people to connect with grassroots movements, is part of this vision. Another part is a series of short films that complement and expand the Cultures of Resistance feature documentary. Many of CoR's short films are highlighted on pages throughout this website profiling the work of individual groups, and many can also be viewed here.


We are also excited to announce the release of Cultures of Resistance Snapshots, a cohesive DVD collection of some of our most popular and acclaimed short films. This thematically and geographically diverse selection of films shares some of the most exceptional stories that we have found throughout the world. As an expansion of the feature documentary, watching Snapshots will take you from Asia to South America to Africa to meet cartoonists, musicians, and antiwar activists who are using art as a nonviolent weapon for resistance. The short films featured in Snapshots can be accessed online via the links below. If you are an educator or would like to arrange a community viewing of the films and you need a DVD copy, please contact us at info [at] with your inquiry.




The CoR Snapshots DVD includes

Skateistan! (2:35)
Banning Cluster Bombs: The Campaign and the Treaty (5:24)
Andre Cypriano (3:20)
Hassan Samedi: Cartoons Against Corruption (2:42)
Breaking the Silence: Congo Week (3:25)
A Look at Global Militarism (3:43)
MV Bill (3:05)
The Courage of Neighbors (2:52)
A Day with Shadia and Lowkey (6:23)
Picture Afghanistan (3:41)
Thembo Kash: Cartooning for Justice (4:35)
Fishing Under Fire (3:36)
Coalition of the Billing (4:37)