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Original Title: Life is Waiting: Referendum and Resistance in Western Sahara
Languages of the original work: Arabic Hassaniya, Spanish, English, and French
Subtitles: English, Arabic, Spanish


Country of Production: Western Sahara/United States/Brazil/Spain
Date of Production: April 2015
Original Format: HDCAM
Running Time: 59 mins
Number of Tapes/Discs: 1
Black and White or Color: Color
Screen Format: 16:9; DVD: SD 480p23.98; Quicktime file: HD 1080p23.98
Sound: Stereo
Genre: Documentary
Themes: Western Sahara, independence, self-determination, human rights, occupation, Spain, Morocco, Algeria, freedom, colonization in Africa


Forty years after its people were promised freedom by departing Spanish rulers, the Western Sahara remains Africa’s last colony. While a UN-brokered ceasefire put an end to armed hostilities in the territory in 1991, the Sahrawi people have continued to live under the Moroccan armed forces’ oppressive occupation, and what peace exists in the area is fragile at best. Tens of thousands of Sahrawis have fled to neighboring Algeria, where over 125,000 refugees still live in camps that were intended to be temporary.

In spite of these difficulties, a new movement, with youth at its center, is rising to challenge human rights abuses and to demand the long-promised referendum on freedom. Today’s generation of young activists is deploying creative nonviolent resistance for the cause of self-determination. In doing so, they have persevered against a torrent of conflicting forces. While risking torture and disappearance at the hands of Moroccan authorities, they are also pushing back against those who have lost patience with the international community and are ready to launch another guerrilla war.

The new film from director iara lee will examine these tensions as it chronicles the everyday violence of life under occupation, giving voice to the aspirations of a desert people for whom colonialism has never ended.


Director, Producer: iara lee
Co-Producer: Salah Abdelahe


Director of Photography: Jose Yeray Martin
2nd Camera: Eduardo Souto Fraguas
Editor: Martin Eller
Sound: Jordi Oriola Folch

Music: Mariem Hassan

Additional Music:
12k/Line Records
Adel Larbi
Coral Igualdad de Gavà
Estrella Polisaria
Kami Rapstyle
Njem Allal
Ten and Tracer
Tiris Group
Yslem Hijo Del Desierto

Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Mahdyar Aghajani

Production Team:
Mark Engler
Arthur Phillips
Eda Pepi
Colin Kinniburgh
Dan Schenk
Maral Satari

Associate Producer: Yunuen Montero


Abdelrahman Abdelmounim
Ali Ahmed Salem
Aminatou Haidar
Baba Weld Blal
Bahia Awah
Bachir Rayaa
Bechir Weld Ali
Benda Lebsir
Brahim Chagaf
Colin Bent
Dih Chaddad
Ebbaba Hmeida
Fatimatou Lamgaimmad
Fatma Larbi
Flitoox (Said Leili)
Galia Omar
Hakima Ahmed Lebid
Hamsa Lakhal
Hanna Lindquist
Hassanna Duihi
Hassanna Aalia
Keith Lomex
Khadija Hamdi
Khadra Mabruk
Lehbib Brahim
Luchaa Lebsir
Luchaa Saleh
Mannina Haidar
Mariem Hassan
Mariem Sheikh
Maty Mohamed-Fadel
Mina Baali
Mohamed Laabeid
Mohamed Salem Muftah
Mohamed Sulaiman
Mouloud Yeslem
Nadhira Lamin
Nadir Bouhmouch
Nana Oumar
Omar Ahmed
Patricio Penalba
Salah Amaidan
Salah Labssir
Selmy Mohamed Gailani
Sukeina Taleb
Sultana Khaya
Tea Jarc
Tiba Sidi Haiba
Yslem Hijo Del Desierto
Zahra Hasnaui
Zahra Ramdan
Zainaha Abdelhadi


AAPSS – Asociación de Amistad con el Pueblo Saharaui de Sevilla
Monica di Marco

Adala and Karama Association
Elhaj Brahim Haji

Abdu Abdelmonem
Abdeslam Omar

Amnesty International USA
Sunjeev Berry

Asoc. de Amigos de la Televisión Saharaui
Jordi Solans Miquel

ASVDH/Association Sahraouie Des Victimes des Violations Graves
Leila Leili
Zeyou Abderahman

Bellas Artes School
Zaim Allal

CEAS-Sahara Coordinadora Estatal de Asociaciones Solidarias con el Sahara
Sato Díaz
Santi Gimeno
José Taboada Valdés

Hayat Telkhalidi
Abdelhay Toubali
Lahcen Dalil

Escuela de Formación Audiovisual Abidin Kaid Saleh
Eloy Domínguez
Saleh Carlos Cristobal

María Carrión
Leila Nachawati Rego
María Ramos
Mayka Guerao Enríquez

Liga de Estudiantes Saharauis en Madrid

Plataforma Gritos contra el Muro Marroquí

Abdulah Elarabi/Arabi

Polisario – DC
Mohamed Beissat Yeslem

Polisario – Spain
Bouchraya Beyoune

RASD Ministry of Culture

RASD Protocol
Ahmed Salek Kaid Salek

RASD Radio
Mohamed Bachiri

RASD School of Arts

RASD School of Music

Jalil Mohamed

Sahara Libre Wear
Alonso Gil

Sahrawi center for Media and Information
Naji Alali
Mohamed Lamine Elidrissi

Sahrawi School of Art and Cinema
Charo Escobar

Sahrawi Saguia Elhamra Center for Strategic Studies
Baba Sayed

Sahrawi Voice

Plataforma Gritos contra el muro Marroquí
Mohamed Salem Werad

Sahrawi Friendship Generation
Limam Boicha

Yolanda Sobero

UNMS -Unión Nacional de Mujeres Saharauis
Fatma El Mehdi

Vacanone la Maquina
José Miguel Jiminez

Abbah Weld Ahmed Brahim
Ahmed Mohamed Lamin
Aluma Burki Liman
Carmen Rodríguez
Chaba Seini
Covadonga Canteli
Dah Salama Dat
Danielle Smith
Dargalha Jatri
Edi Escobar
El Ghalia Djimi
Elhum Shakerifar
Emma Blanco Anguera
Evin Er Incir
Fabiola Fabs Fala
Fatma Dahwar
Fatomina Sidi
Federico Guzman
Flavia Cerquoni
Guillem Gallego
Heimu Mohamed
Jeff Marcello
Kefila Jatri
Khadjettou Aalyat Swailam
Manna Mohamed Sheikh
Manuel Domínguez
Maryame Bouhalla
Mohamdi Daida
Mohamed Ali Ali Salem
Mohamed Hafdalla
Mohamed Jarub
Mohamed Mhamdi
Mohamed Nafea
Mohamed Salem Bouaamoud
Mohamed Tayeb
Mohammed Fadet
Munal Mohamed
Mustafa Brattah
Neon The Rapper
Neus Ventura
Om El Fadli Daod
Óscar Escolar
Reis Gallego Perales
Robin Kahn
Saleh Brahim
Salek Al Amin
Salma Dah
Sidi Talebbuia
Suilma Aali
Tahar Alibaiba Baddi Habaddi
Tumana Ahmed Salama
Zaidan Ahmed Zaidan


Aaron Vlek
Agaila Abba
Agustina Velazco AlSayed
Alberto Sastre
Alexia Polasky
Álvaro Vargas
Arrate Landaluze
Carla Martínez
Carol Jaque
Cecilia Sobron
Cinthia Carvajal
David Matus
Daniela Magliano
Estefanía Sierra Zanella
Eve Dearborne
Fadi Abu Jabal
Fernanda Delcogno
Gillian Maxwell
Imane Mokri
Khalil Asmar
Lahbib Manssouri
Louise Thompson
Mabel Cobos Fontana
Mahdi Mayara
Mar Luna
Mariela Andrade
Minetu Tata Larabas Sueidat
Mohamed Taleb
Najat Allili
Natalia Mora
Octavio Salles
Oumaima Mahmud Sah
Patricia García González
Quetzal Tzab
Robert Der Alexanian
Rodrigo Arriaza Rojas
Salek Belaou
Salka Barca
Sebastián Nelson Nadilo
Shane Cassidy
Sidati Haimmad
Susana Cejas
Svenja Berry Bary
Teresita Giacaman
Yunuen Gaona Reyes
Zaui Mahmud Taleb
Zoé Gómez Cassardo


Worldwide copyright: 2015 © Caipirinha Productions Inc
65 Broadway #807 New York, NY 10006
Tel: 212-379-6430

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