Produced by George Gund

Directed by Iara Lee

Film Editors
Andreas Troeger
Stacia Thompson

Directors of Photography
Marcus Hahn
Kramer Morgenthau
Toshifumi Furusawa

John Perry Barlow
Jeffrey “Skunk” Baxter
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Timothy Leary
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Tammy Baker
Desmond Crisis
John Cox
Dr. Marjorie Cramer
Astro Erle
Robert and Mae Ettinger
Teena Evans
Albert Geiser
Amanda Lepore
Thomas Manon
Desi Monster
Armen Ra
Mike Rehdish
Charlotte Richards
Steve Roberts
Carlos Slinger
Cheryl Spaulding
Delmar Thompson (DMT)

Additional appearances by David Abbott
Antonio Arroyo
Rebecca Forman
Donna Kirkestue
Terry and Carol Newman
Joseph Liao
Miles, the Beagle
Margarita Ochoa
Merle Richards
Bradley Storm
Isabel Yellin
Yamel M. Haynes

Visuals and Music Coordinator
Jennifer Weiner

Production Manager
Kiyo Joo
Andrew Hall
Brian Cange

Production Coordinators
Jennifer Weiner
Antek Walczak
Virginia Huntley

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Anthony Bregman
(Good Machine)
Jim Stark

Production Office Assistant
Margarita Ochoa

Additional Photography
Sarah Cawley
Nick Hoffman
Ethan Mass
Walter McGrady

Assistant Camera
Axel Baumann
Takashi Endo
Rob Featherstone
David Flanagan
Masato Kaneko
Hilary Morgan
Nick Rivera
Stephanie Ryan
Tim Whittall
Andrew Yarmen

Joel Bach
Tom Penketh
Eric Neason

Eric Neason

Antonio Arroyo
Matthew Sigall
Yoshiteru Takahashi

Additional Sound
Rick Bradley
Bill Cozy
Daniel Macintosh
Jacob Ribicoff
Peter Steinbach

Video Hi-8
Ethan Mass
Stephanie Ryan
Marcus Hahn

Production Assistants
Lisa Davis
Jordan Hoffman
Tim Morrison
Ruth Sakheim
Chris Teetens
George Gund IV

Additional Editors
Sabine Krayenbuehl
Roger Schulte

Assistant Editor
David Abbott

Additional Assistant Editors
Brian Dentz
Noriko Harim
Yuko Koseki
Ricardo Linguitte
Ines Nedelcovic
Eddie Nichols
Neal Rehia
Amanda Vogel

Sound edited at American Zoetrope, San Francisco
Sound Design
Jim McKee
Rona Michele

Music Editor
Alex Stahl

Sound Post Producer
Marie Regan

Facility Manager
Bill Kinder

Roy Waldspurger

Post Production Sound Assistant
Rob Bonz

Sound edited and re-recorded at Saul Zaentz Film Center, Berkeley

Additional Sound/Music Editor
Mark Jan Wlodarkiewicz

Re-Recording Mixer
Mark Berger

Music Research
John Yang

Music/Sound Design Research
Adam Goldstein

Additional FX
Taylor Deupree
Miguel Fierro
Tom Efinger

Sound Transfer
Willy Robinson (Du Art)

Consulting Writers
John Kelsey
Alan Brech

Video Game Consultant
Gene Na

Technology Consultant
Joseph Liao

Stock Footage Research
Ty K

Additional Research
David Cashion

Stock Footage from Archive Films
Grinberg Archives
The American Museum of Natural
History Film Archives

Image Processing
Andreas Troeger at Paul Garrins¹s Studio

Video Transfer Studio
Eric Solstein-ESPI

Video to Film Transfers
Four Media Co.

Film Processing
Du Art
Alpha Cine

Prints and Blow-Up by Du Art

Kent McGrew

Graphic Designer
Taylor Deupree

Effects House

Negative Cutter
Noellle Penraat

The following computer and video footage has been featured in this film:

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with the support of Thinking Machines Corporation
sound by David Atherton, David Grimes, Steve Blake, Target Productions

“Delerium Dremendus / In Search Of Mu / God & The Quantum / Synchronicity / The House Of Mirror / Misc.”
Produced by Zoe Productions tel. 415.454.3661
Produced, Directed, and Animated by Beny Tchaicovsky
Production Assistant: Aiko S. Veiga
© 1995 Zoe Productions

“K.O. Kid:”
directed by Marc Caro, sound by Pitof © Midi Minuit 94

“Frannie¹s Christmas”
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by William Latham, Computer Artworks Ltd, London

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designed and produced by Metrolight Studios, Inc.
© Metrolight Studios, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Hang Glider Experience, Virtual AdventuresÅ”
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NASA/JSC Excerpts – Marco Zambetti

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by Rebecca Allen

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“3D Ware Demo – VR¹94”
courtesy of Virtek, trademark Ocean Software, Ltd., UK

“After Dark Modules”
Artwork © 1989-93 Berkeley Systems, Inc. From After Dark Æ.
Reproduced under license agreement by Caipirinha Productions, Inc.
Alcor Life Extension Foundation tapes and still photos courtesy of Alcor Life Extension Foundation, Scottsdale, Arizona

“AMAP Software/Siggraph 94”
by CIRAD, Montpelier, France

courtesy of Interactive Solutions, Inc.

“Barcode, Timecode, Globe and Go-go Dancer”
processed video by David Miller

“Battletech Game Footage”
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by David Zetlzer, courtesy of the M.I.T. Media Laboratory
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Gyda Model data courtesy of British Petroleum.

by Peter Astheimer

by Steve Speer

“Grinning Evil Death, Computer Graphics & Animation
and The Visible Language Workshop”
Mike McKenna, Bob Sabiston, courtesy of the M.I.T. Media Laboratory
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“Gulf War Montage”
from the film, “FIN”
directed by Andreas Troeger

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footage provided by the Computer Museum
Boston, Massachusetts

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by Bill Hibbard for the Space Science and Engineering Center

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used with permission of HSC Software Corp.
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footage courtesy of Luxor Hotel/Casino]

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© The Regents, University of California

by Psygnosis

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Distributed by A K Peters, Ltd.
289 Linden St., Wellesley, MA 02181, USA

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provided by Seagaia, Phoenix Resorts

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Crystal Dynamics and Total Eclipse are trademarks of Crystal Dynamics.

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SYNTHETIC PLEASURES was shot on location in Yokohama, Tokyo, Miyazaki, New York, Boston, Las Vegas, Orlando, San Francisco, Walnut Creek, San Jose, Berkeley, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Detroit.

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