Dispatches from Malawi

Photo credit: Victor Dragonetti

DISPATCHES FROM MALAWI (Cultures of Resistance Films)

film series director/producer: iara lee
camera/editor: danilo arenas ireijo

DISPATCHES FROM MALAWI is a series of short films featuring Malawians who are using art and creativity to engage with vital social and political questions. The first release in the series, a music video for "Better Must Come" by Ishan Cyapital, featuring Teebz, provides a message of solidarity and hope to all Malawians, encouraging them to keep working hard for a better future. Meanwhile, other films in the series traverse the country to hold up examples of positive change. At the Tumaini Festival in Malawi’s Dzaleka Refugee Camp, refugees normally seen as victims have come together to create and manage a major cultural happening. At the Music Against Malaria Festival in Blantyre, artists perform to raise funds to refurbish the children’s wing at Chikwawa District Hospital. Meanwhile, Stewart the Cyclist--a Malawian athlete who biked from Kilimanjaro to Malawi to raise money for health centers--has continued pedaling across Africa to raise support for the underprivileged. DISPATCHES FROM MALAWI shows how proactive Malawian citizens spread hope through culture and promote international solidarity.